Linnean Solutions, the Resilient Design Institute, and Curtis + Ginsberg Architects worked with Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. on the development of the Ready to Respond: Strategies for Multifamily Building Resilience manual—the first of its kind for multifamily affordable housing. The manual provides a comprehensive set of solutions and best practices to make tenants of affordable housing less vulnerable to climate change.

The manual is based on extensive resilience-focused research, especially in the wake of Superstorm Sandy in New York City, and lists key solutions that can be applied to both existing and new facilities. Linnean compiled a database of building-related damages from the hurricane in order to quantify typical costs of repairs in relation to different types of hazards. Using this insight, Linnean then evaluated resilience solutions for their applicability in the context of multifamily affordable housing, for their effectiveness against a range of natural and man-made disasters, for their cost of installation, and for their feasibility of implementation.

Linnean emphasized community resilience throughout the development of the manual, and has applied this research into actionable solutions in later projects that seek to improve resilience among populations facing a range of economic and social vulnerabilities.