Linnean conducted the first sustainability and carbon assessment of municipally-owned properties in Lewisville, Texas. By tracking and compiling historical electrical, natural gas, potable and irrigation water use data, waste collection data, and water and wastewater treatment data, Linnean developed a holistic evaluation of the municipality’s sustainability performance and carbon emissions from City activities.

Using the resource use data, Linnean provided the City with tailored, actionable solutions to reduce carbon emissions, with an emphasis on projects with low upfront costs and high potential return on investment. To ensure that the system for collecting carbon data and the report that Linnean developed would continue to provide value, Linnean developed an interactive resource tracking tool for the City. The tool creates an opportunity for the City to understand the resource and carbon reductions from their initiatives over time, and will enable a transparent way for engaging the public on these issues.

Thumbnail image credit: City of Lewisville, Texas