Linnean Solutions, working with a cross-disciplinary team that included emersion DESIGN, One Square World, and the Built Environment Coalition participated in the City of Boston’s “Living with Water” international design competition. The team’s competition entry, entitled “Thriving with Water,” highlighted the need for community processes that increase social resilience of people and neighborhoods. By framing a process-based approach, rather than a product-based outcome, the method took the competition beyond the physical vulnerability of built assets to regenerating community vitality to effectively thrive with water.

In order to develop social resilience frameworks, Linnean led several design charrettes with Boston-based practitioners, as well as with the other teams within the competition. Linnean has since used this process to integrate many aspects of resilience with several communities, including community voices, natural system regeneration, functional and adaptive infrastructure, and the creation of long-term sustainable solutions. The Thriving with Water team process was further enriched through a number of subsequent events, including discussions at the Boston Architectural College, USGBC’s 2015 Summit in Portland, ME, and Greenovate Boston’s 2015 Community Summit.