The City of Medford is currently in the final stages of developing a Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA), and has begun the initial stages of climate change adaptation planning. Linnean is working with the City of Medford in this process, helping with a variety of services that will help make information around climate change, vulnerability and risks, and adaptation strategies more accessible to Medford residents.

Currently, Linnean is providing content development support and recommendations on language, data, and graphics in the city’s CCVA, as well as working with the Office of Energy and Environment to adapt its website for improved use. These recommendations and updates sit within a broader engagement and messaging strategy, which will help the City of Medford effectively share information, resources, and news about the city’s climate adaptation and mitigation efforts, as well as work collaboratively with Medford residents and organizations in an ongoing way. Linnean is working with the City to launch the strategy through in-person activities and workshops.