Linnean measures the actual performance of the built environment, not simply design aspirations. We work with property owners, facility managers, developers, architects, engineers, and scientists to create and implement plans for monitoring mechanical and natural systems, including energy consumption and generation, potable water use, stormwater runoff, indoor air quality, and waste.

Monitoring the built environment can play a significant role in achieving a range of goals, including reducing resource consumption, lowering utility costs, reducing ecological and human health impacts, justifying future building investments, and raising environmental awareness. Monitoring allows clients to assess progress against predefined performance targets and better articulate the achievements of the building design. It is also a requirement in some green building rating systems.

Implementing thorough and tailored monitoring plans ultimately leads to more efficient buildings, and integrating metering systems early in the design process allows for more seamless installation in the construction phase. Interactive dashboards can display the metered data in real time in order to tell the project’s story and communicate the environmental impact (or reduction of environmental impact!) to the community.

Some of our monitoring services:

  • Performance monitoring planning and design
  • Living Building Challenge monitoring planning
  • Indoor air quality planning and analysis
  • Stormwater and groundwater monitoring

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