Linnean is working with the City of Northampton on a year-long effort to advance citywide climate adaptation and mitigation planning. The project aims to create a cohesive framework for considering and addressing the effects of climate change in all of the City’s future planning, decision-making, and project implementation.

In the first phase, Linnean facilitated the city’s Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Process, a state-run grant program that uses community workshops to identify vulnerabilities, strengths, and strategies for increasing the city’s resilience. In subsequent phases, Linnean is working with project partners on updating the city’s greenhouse gas inventory, aligning the city’s sustainability plan with the STAR Communities Framework, and developing a strategy for ongoing engagement and outreach around climate action and adaptation. Drawing from the insight gathered throughout this process, Linnean will lead the development of the city’s Climate Resilience and Regeneration Plan, which will provide Northampton with a roadmap for climate action.