The Cities of Portland and South Portland, Maine have joined forces to plan for a future where their communities can thrive in the face of climate change. By working together, “One Climate Future” is a unique (and potentially unprecedented!) planning effort by the two cities to address climate change in coordination. Linnean is leading this two-city project, bringing together the many climate initiatives occurring across the cities to develop a roadmap for collective climate action and adaptation.

The process includes assessing climate vulnerability across infrastructural, social, environmental, and economic systems; inventorying greenhouse gas emissions; modeling future emissions under a variety of action scenarios; launching a wide range of online and in-person engagement activities designed around inclusivity and equity; facilitating stakeholder workshops; developing a set of strategies and framework for action; and producing the One Climate Future Plan in tandem with sowing the seeds for ongoing plan implementation, climate conversations, and community action. Project team members include Integral Group, Kim Lundgren Associates, Woodard & Curran, and Carl Eppich.