Urban Regenerative Resilience Summits bring together local leaders to engage with an expanded vision of resilience for their particular city. This vision includes new thinking on how climate planning can be regenerative, place-based, systems-oriented, and transformational. The summits also aim to build connections across City, nonprofit, and university participants so that they can work together to enhance the vitality and preparedness of the region.

The first Summit, led in collaboration with Max Zahniser of Sustainability Nexus and Christine Knapp at the City of Philadelphia, was held in July 2018 in Philadelphia. Jim Newman of Linnean facilitated sixteen leaders from different organizations in working together to understand and apply a regenerative approach to building resilience at the organization, city, and regional level. The nature of the event—closed-door and invitation-only—created an opportunity for participants to shed their organization’s predetermined talking points and engage in an exploratory conversation. The goal was not to build lasting consensus or an action plan, but rather an opportunity to explore the highest potential future we can collectively imagine for a particular place, and to start building the regional cross-sectoral collaboration to get there.